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So after the comment thread through the course of the day, I have opted to put the Google ads back on the page. Finding out they have lifted their conversation-stifling “you can use us and make money, but not talk about that” bullshit was the big thing. It’s easier to put this on a WordPress template than it was in the blosxom days, so I just did it. This is another experiment, albeit it a fairly ambivalent one from my perspective. Consider Google ads on probation (again). If it performs like a dead fish (again), then it will be gone permanently.

And I’m curious, why is there an ad for finding friends from old military brigades when I first fired it back up? What could I possibly have said (or blogrolled) that would cause that?

Update: I logged in to my Adsense account for the first time in months, and was asked to accept new terms. That included this piece:

Communications Solely With Google. You agree to direct to Google, and not to any advertiser, any communication regarding any Ad(s) or Link(s) displayed in connection with Your Site(s).

Does this mean that by questioning the ads, as I did in this post, I have violated this term? That’s awfully freaking broadly stated, “any communic

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3 thoughts on “Google Ads”

  1. Are you the same Dave Slusher that fought by my side and had head blown off by rebel cannon fire?

    Just kidding-been enjoying your podcasts-heard you first on Mike Butler, then Aron from Bitterman had some nice things to say about you.

    Contented listener from Taiwan.

  2. Your Google ads are now ELO-heavy. Jeff Lynne may need to send you a percentage of the sudden bump-up in royalty checks. 🙂

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