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I’m doing an experiment for the month of August. Since I recently put the Google ads back on, they have been performing better than when I took them off but not wildly better. I saw a reference to Adbrite the other day, and signed up. This is the ad company started by Pud of Fucked Company infamy. That site kept me going with gallows humor in my dark days of getting laid off and not finding a job, so I have a store of slack built up for him.

Right now, there is a coin-flip in the PHP code that renders the sidebar. Heads, it will show the Google Ads and tails it will show the Adbrite ads. We’ll see how it goes, both from a revenue standpoint and from an aesthetic one. The thing Adbrite does that Google doesn’t is that it has a “Your Ad Here” link. If you want your ad specifically on this site, as opposed to being served out by the network to anyone, you can do that. I’m withholding my opinion so far, and will just let the data speak for itself.

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3 thoughts on “More on Ads”

  1. Leo says:

    If you are allowed to talk about it(don’t know what their policy is on it), how much does adbrite pay per click? What is their CPM?
    If you can’t say here, just send me a mail with a link or something.


  2. Andrew Herron says:

    my first experience with adbrite wasn’t particularly good… I was interested in an ad, clicked on it and after redirecting through their servers the company website ( didn’t work :S

  3. Ken Nelson says:

    The AdBlock extension for FireFox dispatches both sets of ads with equal aplomb. When I disable the extension, I think the adbrite stuff is more visually appealing; however, both are incongrous on most blogs that have ’em.

    Having said that, I’m vastly more likely to click on a “support your local podcaster/blogger link” than to investigate ads from either of these services.


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