Clambake Episode for August 5, 2005

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for August 5, 2005.

I play a song by Bullet Called Life and talk about them thanking me for playing them; I talk about the punditosphere as represented on IT Conversations; I play a bit from the “X-Rated Hour of Slack”; I play a bluesy song by Michelle Malone and boogie.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

6 thoughts on “Clambake Episode for August 5, 2005”

  1. Hi Dave,
    Interesting show-good ear for the tunes! You’re a naughty boy and a funny one-good paste up on Star trek! Hmm, have your wife and my wife been talking?:)

    Can you do a gout-safe version(can’t eat clams they’re high in purine content) of EGC? If not fuess I’ll just have to eat a peach!

    Good job buddy.

  2. James says:

    That was awesome. You know, I had always felt a certain tension between Kirk and Spock, now I understand it.

    It also explains their fashion sense. Tight clothes and boots. That should have been a dead giveaway.

  3. Eddie Dickey says:

    I liked your segment on the pundits. I’ve not listened to the last 8 minutes of the podcast yet – but wanted to comment about experts who have no experience. What’s up with that? Put out a podcast and then talk about it – join the community. This is participatory culture, not the old silo monolitic top down world! Know what I’m sayin’ ya’ll..

  4. Don says:

    I’ve been listening to Hour of Slack for awhile now, since you have mentioned it before on previous shows. It kind of reminds me a little bit of a contemporary Firesign Theatre. What I really dig about it is all the eclectic music….man, they play everything from old, weird 40’s music to honky-tonkin’ bluegrass to punk rock. That is cool. It can kinda drive you crazy, though….pretty insane.

    This reminds me to mention the shows you did awhile back on Global Frequency. I got intrigued and downloaded the bittorent file (I don’t even know what the Hell that is….but it took me a friggin’ 17 hours to get the file downloaded!!!) I thought it was ok, but it didn’t drive me as wild as it did you. I was a big XFiles fan before that show “jumped the shark” and Global reminded me of a decent XFile episode. It was kinda like Matrix crossed with XFiles. It still woulda been way cooler than 98% of all the crap on the tube, though….you are right about that!


  5. Tilted Edge says:

    Bittorent is unbearable, especially if you are used to a decent usenet server.

  6. Dave that Star Trek piece is absolutley brilliant. This is kind of stuff that makes indie podcasting so wonderful and worthwhile. Please don’t ever stop because whneever I listen to your show it makes me think and feel. That is something mainstream media rarely does.

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