The Sidebar Ads: A Race between the Tortoise and the Other Tortoise

Halfway through the month-long experiment comparing AdBrite and Google ads, they are nearly tied. Only a few cents separate the two. The downside is that both are pathetic thus far. I did go in and reduce the price of a direct ad on AdBrite to account for the fact that it will only be up approximately half the time. For $2/day, you can have your ad in the sidebar. Just click the “Your Ad Here” link and you go straight through to purchase. If anyone actually does this, this will probably tilt the scales to AdBrite. That is what I like about their system, that someone can place an ad specifically on this page if they so desire.

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One thought on “The Sidebar Ads: A Race between the Tortoise and the Other Tortoise”

  1. Marc James says:

    You can start by actually modifying the ad colors. Placing them up using the default theme requires little effort … and yields little results. The number one thing to do is remove the borders and make the ads blend into your site. Add a gray background and make the link colors match your other links. Also, try other ad units like horizontal ones. Experiment more and see which give the best results. Check out for more great info on this stuff. I make a few bucks a day on AdSense, but it adds up to a nice $100+ a month.

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