More Subgenius Podcasts

I was slightly shocked listening to last week’s Subgenius shows to hear the term “podcast” on it. Turns out KPFA in Berkley CA is podcasting its shows, including their Subgenius show “Puzzling Evidence.” Check it out. The podosphere needs all the subgeniousity it can get.

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One thought on “More Subgenius Podcasts”

  1. Don Traeger says:

    This reminds me of the other radio feed(s) I wish were podcast. The KRVS FM stream from Louisiana you mentioned last week is fantastic. They have several Cajun/Zydeco music shows on the weekends that rock. I wish I could find some of that stuff in podcast form.

    Does anyone know if there is a good Cajun/Zydeco type podcast out there? Man, I love getting in that Big Easy frame of mind. I guess I could record the live Zydeco streams myself and turn them into MP3’s easily enough, but doubt I’ll have the time to commit to that.


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