Clambake Episode for August 28, 2005

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for August 28, 2005.

I talk about hacking the CVS one-time use camcorder and creating a videoblog about the process; I mention that I have coined a new term for people who can use these hacks but not originate them – “solder kiddies”; I discuss the travails in finding a place to host these video files; I play an excerpt from Mental-Escher; I play a song by CamTarn; I play an ID from Ronnie Marler and a promo from the Dragon Page guys; I talk about money, in personal terms, in venture capital, at PodShow and whether flow of big money into podcasting is a good thing or not; don’t give up your control; I bought a Carribean Free Radio shirt and it is great; I talk a bit about Jonathan Coulton and play another of his songs;

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

19 thoughts on “Clambake Episode for August 28, 2005”

  1. David,
    I love you, more correctly I love your words and your spirit! Man you’ve got big cojones speaking your mind, and I like that.You mentioned R&R Geek show being whack-the one about INXS. I agree, but the ultimate worst one was the one where he brown noses Ron Bloom for the entire cast-with ron even complimenting him on being so good at sucking up. That was a Jump the Shark for me. I totally agree with your comment about Adam going from “Fight the Power” to “pass me the caviar.”

    Dude, please don’t change-we need you as our reality check/ conscience in the podcast/blogosphere since there is so much foul smelling gas out there.

  2. BB, I wouldn’t say that RnR Geek has jumped the shark at all. I’ll agree that those particular shows are not highlights for my taste. I just had an IM chat with Butler earlier today because I didn’t want him to hear these comments without me having talked to him first. He legimately enjoys Rockstar: INXS and finds the dopiness of the contestants part of their charm. I let him know that I just found them dull, but each to their own. BTW, one thing I said was flat ass wrong. The Podshow connections had nothing to do with those interviews, he got them via other channels.

    I’ve interviewed a variety of folks, and I guarantee no one is as enthusiastic about all of them as I am. Lots of people enjoyed the Coulton interview, for example but I’m certain that someone out there thinks that was the worst episode ever.

    As for the other stuff about Podshow, I do think that and I’ve waffled on saying it in a show for a long time. I finally got to where not saying it made me feel like a chicken shit suppressing my true self, so I let it out. I don’t think this flow of venture money is an unambiguous good, and has a strong possibility of putting bad pressures on the medium too early and fucking everything up. But then, I tend to believe that in all circumstances I have experienced first hand, the venture capital that we all thought would make life wonderful directly or indirectly led to the death of the venture.

    Long comment. In short, thanks and cut Brother Butler a break. He’s just a working schmoe trying to do what he thinks is right, just like all (or perhaps most) of us.

  3. I think about all the thousands of podcasts and how few of them I have tried.

    Dave you said that you unsubscribed from a podcast because it wasn’t updated frequently enough. I guess people expect it once a week at least. I have this idea that bands could make a podcast of their entire album in which case it would be impossible to do it that frequently. If would be nice to have podcasts with all music. Maybe no talking or very little. The variety approach I feel stems from vaudeville. We have had a tradition of comedy shows with music acts to break it up. The music has nothing to do with comedy. A friend suggested to me that the music is there so the comedy writers don’t have to work as hard. Another possibility is that payola is involved. Obviously not in podcasts. I’m talking about TV but I’m just trying to understand the variety format. Thank god there are no more tap dancers or jugglers.

  4. Adam Curry is from MTV and he has a fake DJ voice. Need I say more? He has always been a corporate brown noser.

  5. Speak to me, brother! Dave, I thought the Podcast “audible” was excellent. Great points on the dangers of VC money…I too have seen good companies taken down the tubes that way. You’re spot on.

    Good show, as always. I assume you’re not going to DragonCon…we’ll miss ya! (I fondly remember your comments from last year about doing Reality Break shows from there). I’ve been too dang lazy to get around to buying my stuff package yet, so I’ll have to punt and wear my “Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow” shirt, and think of EGC. *grin* If I had a clue how to go about asking for promos, I’d try to get some EGC ones at DragonCon myself! That’d be a freakin’ hoot.

    Oh, and thanks for putting in the DragonPage promo…I’m gonna go check those guys out. I remember you mentioning them before…sounds like it could be good stuff.

    Later, dude.

  6. The podcasting world is big enough to support a vast variety of content…that’s its beauty…we as listeners get to choose what we listen to…I’m not into bashing people because I don’t like their business model or voice or DJ credentials…I just don’t listen to them.

    Dave your show is tops!

  7. Bluesman,
    I didn’t jump the shark when I ‘brownnosed’ Ron Bloom. I jumped it way before that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    For the record thouh, Podshow has NEVER had ANY influence over anything I have done on my show. I am just trying to make a good show. They can’t all be home runs but at least I have the balls to do the best show I can. I don’t know how you think I sucked up to Ron, other than jokingly calling him a genius. If you don’t like a show, just don’t listen. That is why podcasting is so great. There are so many podcasts out there, (and plenty of music shows) go find another one and unsubscribe to mine if you hate it. I can’t please everyone.

  8. you are a pathetic loser. I will keep your race out of this even though you dont have a blues bone in your body “Brooklyn Bluesguy”.
    If I ever see this talk about RnR again you wont know why everything starts going wrong in your pathetic life. Mark my words every day something will go wrong for you and then it will get worse gradually. You have brought upon you a most deserved wrath. You will never talk bad about my friend like this again without incurring your own punishment.
    Sorry ah so.

  9. nice censor there Evil. Your name has some validity after all doesnt it. I said what was needed and you censored it. Then maybe its you who that message was meant for Apache .

  10. Simmer down, spazmo. I wasn’t awake at 1 AM to moderate your comment. You are aware that Butler and I are friends, right? I’ve, like, been on his show and we talk pretty regularly, etc. But, if you feel you are helping his cause by being a dick, so be it. You help him out a lot by making weird vague threats anonymously over the internet because I dared to mention not caring for one of his shows. Sheesh.

    Butler, my mistake was in saying that Podshow got you in to the INXS stuff. I thought I had remembered you saying that, that Ron Bloom had connections there but I was incorrect. Sorry for the factual error there. I think Brooklyn Bluesman is being too hard on you, but then I thought your fan that wrote in on what an idiot I am after my appearance on RnR Geek was too hard on me. So it goes.

  11. Wow.

    I know in past episodes you have discussed the pride you have in the quality of your listenership. I now have to officially agree with you on that. Dave, you have a listener who can fucking put curses on people! Holy Shit that is cool.

    I would love to know where his incredible powers come from and why said powers didn’t grant him coherence simultaneously. Is it that power of that magnitude overwhelms the mind? Or does the energy arcing from his fingertips fuck up his typing? These are interesting questions that we will explore later, I’m sure. The more important question is about mentioning that you didn’t like one of Butler’s episodes.

    Shit, I don’t like all of MY podcasts. What the fuck is wrong with not liking one of someone else’s? I didn’t like every episode of Three’s Company either, fucking curse me.

    Wait, don’t curse me, dear Overlord Ahso. I take it back, every episode of Three’s Company was pure gold. That Jack Tripper guy, what a hoot!

  12. I know this is really unfair but has anyone noticed that in photos Adam Curry looks very evil?

  13. Just an afterthought of this little incident.

    I once was on the phone with a good friend of mine who was engineering and producing music in Hollywood. I made a crack about Donny Osmond and he informed me that Donny Osmond was a friend of his and that he often calls for help with his midi gear. Then I felt embarrassed. This also reminded me of an interview with Adrian Belew that I heard recently. Belew has been with King Crimson for years now. He was reading an online group in which a discussion had been ongoing for months in which people were debating if Belew was good enough to be in King Crimson. He said he got very depressed for a long time after reading this and seriously considered quitting the band.

    Personally I think his guitar playing is great but his voice sucks but I really hope he doesn’t read this. It’s a tough world sometimes. The interview is at:

  14. Just linking the threads in this show about money and in the last show about smugness etc.

    I listen to DSC even though I don’t actually like it, if you know what I mean. I have to say the thing that I feel least comfortable with re. AC is his podcasting about his new apartment and its view etc and then walking through the streets filled with panhandlers and he says “somebody ought to do something” wtf? Who exactly if not you?

  15. I think you hit the nail pretty much on the head. I’m wary of the VC money, but frankly it was inevitable – sure Bloom & Curry are way out in front pimping it, but hey – someone’s going to do it. VC money really fucks up a sandbox like this – sounds like you know that as well as I do, we both have a similar view of them from living through their “help” in the last decade.
    Sure some VCs are smart & useful, but most are just plain dangerous – though they think the sun shines out of their own ass.
    Besides – just how dull has AC become recently ? I’ve long since unsubscribed, though that might be kind of moot because the rss feed seems to have been fubared 95% of the time recently.

    I’ve gotta validate the RnRGS comments. The Ron Brown anal-probe eposide was really fucking awful, but it’s not like I’m about to unsubscribe. I _love_ the INXS commentary (sounds like mystery science theatre 3000, from what folks say – I never watched it myself), but the interviews were as vacuous (sp?) as the contestants. Truthfully, I thought the Ron Bloom wank-a-thon reflected more poorly on Ron than Michael – like RB thought there was some kind of pent-up demand for his life story.

    Keep on calling it like you see it, Dave. So far I’m with you.

  16. To ahso the cretin-It’s unfortunate that your crayon scribbles can’t be viewed on the blog page for the world to see. Sorry you feel I’m pathetic and a loser-that’s what makes horse races I guess. Actually I have and will continue to have a very nice life.

    My race is the human race,and sadly you still appear to qualify. Talking bad about your friend-meaning Michael butler? I’ve commented and sent Michael Butler numerous compliments on previous shows. Actually for the record, it was Dave that was harping about the INXS show-I didn’t mind that one. I mentioned the Ron Bloom show and that is my opinion.

    Michael B. for the record, I did unsubscribe and don’t hate you or your show. I was just disappointed. Everybody has their hits and misses.

    Peace everybody.

  17. Hey Dave. If you’re still in that cyberpunky vibe, check out this guy’s music:

    Also, on the VC money issue, I wouldn’t worry too much about what Podshow or Odeo are up to, it’s just the money guys want a piece of the potential of podcasting and don’t want to look bad like they did with the Internet in the mid-1990รขโ‚ฌโ„ขs. Anything that helps podcasters stay on the air, is fine with me. And it seems Podshow will spend some of that money on bandwidth. Whatever happens, its way too early be get too excited.

    Keep on stickin’ it to the man ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  19. If you listed to the latest 9/2 DSC Adam made a very good point. I’f I’m a musician, should I not have the right to stop someone from using my music as part of a podcast I do not agree in?? How about having you music used for a pro-Al Qaede, or Pro KKK podcast. Granted the Podshow TOS was imperfect but it was done for god reasons,i.e to try and protec the artists from having their work associated with something they are 100% against.

    PEOPLE!!!! get off you knee-jerk, high horse reaction and take a deep breath before posting around like the sky is falling.

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