George Carlin Pedagogical Insight of the Day

The idea that if kids wear uniforms to school, it helps keep order — bad theory. And it’s not even a new idea; I first saw it in old newsreels from the 1930s, but it was hard to understand, because the narration was in German.

– from the George Carlin Day Calendar for September 1, 2005

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  1. Dave

    Four years ago the school that my kids went to at the time decided to add uniforms for the kids with the idea of keeping order being one of the main reasons. Well what I witnessed is that prior to uniforms, this school had a good learning environment. Once we got uniforms over the next 2 years I saw the discipline situation in the school steadily degrade. The kids became more and more unruly. This is not to say that uniforms were the direct cause, but they definitely did not help the situation. During the year prior the uniforms, I participated in several parent meetings to discuss the change. My wife did quite a bit of research on the subject. During the meetings and from my wifes research no one was ever able to show any conclusive evidence or studies that uniforms are in any way beneficial in the school environment. Basically what I have seen is that the only thing that makes a difference, is the people, the teachers, the parents and the students. If all of these people are involved and active it creates a better learning environment, uniforms are irrelevant. I think the slide of my kids school had more to do with poor leadership from the principal than anything else.


  2. It’s all about cracking the human spirit and having one group of people dominate another group of people. We ought to be molding creative individuals who can come up with original ideas. I have concluded that the pulbic school system is a place to wharehouse kids. A lot of what passes for knowledge these days is of questionable value.

  3. Ha! Carlin is so funny. My kids are going to a school with uniforms. As a very nerdy kid with no fashion sense, I found it was a relief to wear a uniform; it was one less thing for the Queens of Mean to zero in on. But it’s no substitute for a decent school, just as a flag is no substitute for a decent polity. If a school is resorting to uniforms because the school is failing or out of control, the uniforms should not be anywhere *near* the top of the list for things to do to fix the problem.

  4. If there are parents who don’t ask their kids each and every day what they learned or did, chances are they don’t send them to a school that requires uniforms. Certainly not a pure statistic, but one that I’m pretty sure I’ll stand by based on my experiences. I’m sure that given the same student body had no uniforms and were able to wear “public school fashion” the kids would turn out the same. The uniform is likely only a factor that matters to the parents.

  5. Trying to find George Carlin’s, in print or audio – even a record, routine on attending Rice High School.

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