Small Favor

Poppy checks in so that at least her friends and acquaintances all know she and Chris are in Mississippi, safe if not sound. They are without power, but things there are not as dire as at their actual home. Although they are both alive, their animals are almost certainly dead or soon to be.

You know, she just finished a novel last week and I was going to email her this weekend to see if she would do an interview for the podcast. I had been holding off until she was past the final push, waiting for a calm time that will now not come soon, if it ever comes. They are effectively ruined. This would be a much worse story had they decided to wait it out in their home, but it surely sucks as it is.

She signs off asking people to pray for them. I’ll do my nearest equivalent, perhaps the sort of thing Hazel Motes might have been able to work up. This is grim shit, because this is one of the happy stories.

Update: Holy crap, rescue teams actually saved some of the pets!

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