Give ‘Till It Hurts

Today I made a donation to the Red Cross. I looked at the EGC podcasting war chest, and decided to give $750 out of it. Because of the generosity of John Rogers, who is matching contributions to readers of his blog, it will ultimately work out to $1500. I say this not as self-aggrandizement, but as a public thank you. The money I gave was in large part a lot of yours that I just happened to be holding.

Thanks to iPodderX for sponsoring the show for a while. When the tsunami hit in Asia last Christmas, they donated their take for January to relief efforts, so they are no strangers to philanthropy with their business. Thanks to iPod Observer for being the current sponsor and newest source of liquidity to do this. Thanks to everyone who has bought the stuff packages. Your money in part is being funneled to helping the miserable lives of the current refugee crisis in our own borders, in an area 100 miles from where I used to call home. Thank you.

I’m adding an additional deal. If you buy the stuff package during the month of September, I will donate $25 to the Red Cross for every one one sold and I will do it through John Rogers. Thus with his match, you will pay $35 to get the tshirt and CD and $50 will go to the Red Cross. Huge thanks to John and his generosity which is increasing the bang for buck of all this giving. I feel happy to help funnel some of his Hollywood money into the cause. John Rogers – stand-up comedian and stand-up guy.

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2 thoughts on “Give ‘Till It Hurts”

  1. Dave, hats off to you for the donation and for routing through John Rogers. I just sent in my order; I knew there was a reason I had been holding off. 😉 Be well and keep up the good works! Sean

  2. Dave, I just sent in my order for my second EGC t-shirt. I need another one to proudly wave the EGC flag more often. I can only wear the one shirt so many times in a two week period before people wonder if it’s clean! I ordered a white t-shirt so people won’t think I’m just wearing the same black shirt again. LOL.

    And thanks to John Rogers. His talent and his heartfelt generosity won’t go unrewarded (to John: get me the Global Frequency pilot on DVD at DVD quality, and I’ll buy two copies, direct from you if I can.)

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