Ironically, a week after I made a post about how great the participation on this blog is, since then I’ve had more comments that distressed me than I ever had in all the time before it. I finally turned off comments on the New Orleans post that has become a magnet for British trolls saying “Fuck you and your calls for help, Americans should get off their fat asses and do it themselves.” Besides being wildly incorrect about things like that Americans never help anyone else (individual Americans gave what, most of a billion dollars to tsunami relief earlier this year) it just isn’t a useful mechanism to express hatred of our government by withholding compassion from the residents of New Orlean’s 9th ward. These people are about as far removed from our current administration as possible.

Really, I wasn’t considering people outside the borders so much anyway, although I thank greatly the Australian fan who emailed me. I was upset a week ago when the levee had barely broken. Having seen the grotesquely inadequate response by emergency management since, I find my depth of anger inexpressible. Really, I’m mad at the same people as these drive-by trolls, so being dicks here does nothing for anyone.

So, as much as I hate to stifle discourse, in the interest of avoiding pile-ons I will not be approving via the moderation any more of those type comments. The bounds of civility have been crossed, and while I gave the benefit of doubt long beyond the point of causing me pain, enough is enough. I probably should have stopped it at the first one, but being a bleeding heart this kind of stuff is tough for me. If I was one of the fuckers these guys think we are, I’d have no problem stifling dissent and presenting a phony picture of consensus.

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  1. Preach on, Brother Dave, preach on.

    There are all kinds of things wrong here in America. This week has shone the bright light of truth on many, many wrongs in America.

    And that same bright light has caught more than a couple of your commenters and shone them to be complete assholes.

    My interpretation of what you have said in the past week boil down to 2 distinct things: (1)We need to have compassion for the unfortunate victims of this immense tragedy and (2)those that are responsible for helping Americans in a tragedy of this magnitude need to fucking do it. Now.

    I find it impossible to believe that anyone with an ounce of humanity has a problem with either of those two ideas. In fact, I think that those who don’t agree with those two things have shown themselves to assholes of an immense magnitude. Congratulations, boys. I hope you are proud of yourselves.

  2. By this blog and the tv and npr coverage, I now see how much more important we feel American lives are over the lives of the asians who died in the tsunami. The loss of lives from Katrina is a small fraction of what the tsunami brought. Every loss of life is a tragedy. These man made boundaries we call countries make us a family? The world should be the family. I’m not related to many Americans nor do I feel like I am part of the team. Every inch of land on earth has been claimed except the south pole. Where does a man go to be independent and free from tyranny?

  3. Dave:

    I hear you on all levels. I read the “comments” these douche nozzles left on the post in question; it is devoutly to be hoped that they don’t represent their countries’ views.

    TE, American lives are no more intrinsically important than the lives of anyone else; lives are lives, and the natural, and proper thing to do, is to preserve life. The US forces have mobilized almost overnight to respond to horrific disasters around the globe; the American people have responded with donations, in abundance. And sorry if I’m selfish, but the American donations are pouring in for the Katrina disaster, but we want to know where, and to what extent, the US government’s aid has poured into a disaster in our own damn country? And family extends to anyone in need, anywhere. I shudder to comtemplate the possibility that these Gulf Coast victims would have been better cared for, had they lived elsewhere.

    Dave, we ponied up our ducats for relief today; my company is matching our “wish we could do more”. .But, they’re also matching through 9/16, and there’s a payday between then and now… so we’ll give some more in 10 days or so..

    I’ve not shed tears like this in a long time..


  4. Davo, stay angry mate. You do anger very well, and compassion, humility and sensitivity. A troll is a troll is a troll and there’s nothing you can do to reason with them apart from a piece of 4×2 across the back of the head, or banning them. A British troll would have no sense of history if they’re bagging the USA, considering it was Churchill and the UK who turned to Roosevelt and the US in their hour of need in 1940.

  5. And I don’t begrudge one cent of what I’ve given, nor what the US has done, and unfortunately will doubtless do again, in disasters elsewhere.


  6. Of course everyone should donate. I wish the government would take care of it rather than this mishmash of religious and other organizations. My comment was more of an observation regarding the news coverage. I agree with the people who are saying the evacuation was handled poorly and that Cuba did a better job when they had to move people. I don’t think it is because the government hates black people as James suggested. I’m not saying there isn’t racism. I don’t think it would have been handled better if Kerry had won the election. That is ridiculous. The difference between the parties simply isn’t as great as everyone thinks it is and no major changes will ever take place in domestic policies.

  7. Since a few weeks back with the interchange between this podcast and Wired Jesus….I’ve been listening to that, too. I liked the Wired Jesus #17 take on this disaster. Check it out.

    I’ve also found a way to be even more involved in helping. Some of you may find this as well. Our local Red Cross is seeking volunteers for all kinds of aid. Everything from putting care packages and tools and stuff together to actually taking groups down to Texas to help the relief that is going on there. I filled out my volunteer application today online. I’m hoping to put some real days of help in with the $$ I’ve donated.


  8. Don:
    This is a truly great thing you’re doing. Stay safe, and Godspeed. Let us know how it goes; at least the RedCross is organized, which brings me to what I present next:

    I’m watching Channel 4 (NBC) from Washington DC. Over the weekend the DC government has marshalled its forces, and made provisions for 600 or so evacuees to be housed in the Washington DC Armory. We just saw the report, cots neatly made, RedCross bags presumably containing toiletries, etc, on each cot. And a caravan of 10 Buses or so were on the way to NO, and were on the outskirts last night. Today, we find that no one in NO was able to designate who should stay, and who should go, so the buses are probably returning empty-seated. I’ve been in the DC area for 14 years, actually in Northern Virginia, and am the first to tell you the DC government cant find it’s ass with both hands. And I hope the bureaucratic inertia of NO doesn’t migrate to here. Doh! That *came* from here. I was actually cheering yesterday that DC finally got something right, then through no fault of their own, their efforts are unheeded.

    Again, Don, best wishes to you in your efforts.

    And,Dave, if I’m misappropriating EGC to inappropriately rant, shoot me a mail-o-gram, and it’ll stop. Part of the grief process is anger; I seem to be stuck there for now.


  9. Ken,

    Those plans to bring people to dc are now on hold. Check the NBC4 webpage. Something about having to know their identities and who will take care of them.

  10. TE,

    I saw the late news, and you’re correct.

    I wonder what’s happened to respect for life here..


  11. There was a disaster, people are doing what they can to help, that mishmash of religious and other agencies that TE refers to is what we call the people…and that is how we the people choose to respond rather than kicking back and counting on the government do it all…we as this mishmash as you call us have given more aid to more causes in more countries than any government anywhere ever has.

    Great job Dave.

  12. Dave, just wanted to let you know I stand behind your decision to shut down comments on some of your entries. This is your site and it’s your decision. Your actions speak volumes to me, since I know you moderate every post. It must have cost your conscience dearly to let some of those people’s thoughts through. And for that I admire you.

    Thanks for trying to lift our spirits in the middle of this tragedy. Your podcast celebrating New Orleans is much appreciated. I visited the city for two days in the summer of 1998. It was great to soak in the culture and atmosphere of the place. New Orleans has that old city/other culture feel. I totally loved the place, and I was just passing through! I can’t even fathom how you must feel, really loving the place as you do.

    Hold your head high and laissez le bon temps rouler.

  13. Speaking of “people outside our borders”, I just heard a woman from Louisiana say on “Weekend America” that she feels like she lost a part of herself “because territory is a basic human need”.

    A lot of needless wars are fought over land and this is so idiotic because it’s just dirt! I could never imagine fighting, killing or dying over land. Those people who won’t give up their homes and refused to leave before the storm are just morons.

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