6 thoughts on “Big Ad”

  1. Adam says:

    I love that ad! I wish I had the link to the Honda one that took probably as much work to produce.


  2. mike dunn says:

    who said advertising is dead 😉

  3. Andrew Herron says:

    I laughed my arse off the first time I saw this… but the funniest part was when they actually started showing it on TV here in Australia 🙂

    Carlton Draught has the funniest ads though, their other popular one shows various stages of beer production all the way through to the pub tap – except the voice over is making stupidly obvious comments the whole way through 😉

    oh and adam:

  4. Sean Stewart says:

    OK, the ad is still downloading but you know you’ve been listening to the EGC for a long time when you hear Dave Slusher’s voice in your head when you read “It’s a big ad, my god it’s big!” 🙂

  5. M347 says:

    big ad is good , but what im after is that voice over from the other popular add , anyone know if there is a MP3 of it out there anywhere ??

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