It has weakened from a hurricane to a tropical storm, thank goodness, but Ophelia is now coming right through here. It is more likely to hit Wilmington NC, but landing at Myrtle Beach is quite possible. I don’t expect much drama in our neck of the woods, but stay safe out there. I take every one of these things seriously. You don’t need 150 MPH winds to kill you, a 70 MPH wind can do it if it topples a giant pine on your ass or shoves your car off of a bridge.

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5 thoughts on “Ophelia”

  1. Keep dry, Dave (says he 2 days late and many dollars short).

    I have been the victim of hurricanes and tropical storms in years past (2005 has been generous to us so far) and it is not fun. Even a tropical depression can ruin your otherwise sunny month if the waterways were to overfill, or if that “old oak back yonder” were to give up the ghost in your yard or worse, on your house.

    Houses are sturdier here (made of concrete blocks and cement, not f***ing sheetrock, vinyl screws, and 2 by 4 studs) but a tree on your roof is a tree on your roof is a tree on your roof, even if it doesn’t bring the house down.

  2. Dave:
    And, 75-80 mph winds hanging off the coast for 36-48 hours, along with the torrential rains, don’t bode well either. This has been a bizarre storm.

    PJ, you at least got your “keep dry” comment under the proper post, unlike some of us older guys 😉


  3. Thanks guys. It was just far enough north of here that we saw very little of it. It’s bizarre, because even as Wilmington was getting hammered 70 miles up the coast, what we got was about the equivalent of an above average storm and not even as windy as I was expecting. I hope Wilmington is not flooding too much or taking too much damage. It’s a beautiful place. A few years ago I was trying to talk my wife into moving there.

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