Harry Shearer, Media Mogul

Harry Shearer is someone I’ve been listening to a lot lately. Since KCRW added the podcast of Le Show, I can finally listen to it. I’ve never had access to it on the airwaves (or known that I did.) Now I’m a big fan and catch it ever week. A few days ago, I saw the news that Harry and his wife Judith Owen are starting a record label, Courgette Records. There is not much at the website now, but according to the press release there should be some good stuff coming soon.

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3 thoughts on “Harry Shearer, Media Mogul”

  1. Tilted Edge says:

    I’m a big fan of his Simpson characters but I must say the podcast of his show is boring.

  2. Johnee bee says:

    dig harry. being from LA i looked foward to his show on sunday. now im in MN so no KCRW. hes on my iPOD now, thank goodness! like ‘the Treatment’ too

  3. Brad Eleven says:

    Harry Shearer boring????? Hey, it doesn’t take all kinds, but we do have all kinds.

    Le Show is definitely black comedy. The Daily Show owes a lot to it.

    “Another thing they failed to disclose was that one of the pellets lodged in the man’s heart. You know, a little place called, ‘The Heart’.” ~Harry, 2/19/2006 Le Show

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