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The cable modem was out this morning, so I spent a big chunk of the day at my branch office. I’m fixing to move it back to the house. I can now ssh into my home linux box, so I know the connection is back up – a side benefit of being a dork is not guessing in situations like this.

As it turns out, I will in fact be in Raleigh next week during the Duke Podcasting Symposium. I never registered because I thought I couldn’t make it, and now I can’t even if I want to. That’s not a biggie, because I have to work during the day far enough away from Duke that it isn’t reasonable to bop back and forth. However, that does mean I’m available driving up to Durham for meals and/or libations in the evenings. If you are going to be at that thing and want to hook up, drop me a line. I’m thinking a nice central hotel bar might be a good meeting place. Any suggestions?

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