More CVS Cameras in the Wild

I heard my name mentioned on the most recent episode of the Linux Link Tech Show. Allan was using a CVS camera and mentions having watched my video. Even before that, though, I knew he had one because I could hear the telltale sounds of this device’s startup and shutdown during the show. The same cable that allows you to get the videos off will allow you to use a program to alter files on the camera. This lets you change parameters (like mine will now record 40 minutes of video, but I could also be recording in 640X480 if I wanted to) or swap out arbitrary files on the camera. I’ve thought about putting different WAVs on there so that the various sounds are more interesting than the standard beeps. Maybe stopping a recording should be Samuel L. Jackson saying “Did I break your concentration?”

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2 thoughts on “More CVS Cameras in the Wild”

  1. I think stopping a recording should be “Fuck you, I’m ready to rock right now. Are you kidding me?” 🙂

  2. I’m still waiting for mine. My cousin in Delaware keeps forgetting to go to CVS to buy 2 for me. :-/ I think I’ll call her right now and harrass her. 😀

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