Brad Sucks Remixed

Brad Sucks has released an online album of remixed versions of his songs. See, this is the kind of crazy cool crap that happens when you aren’t so anal about permissions. You too can download the source and remix it yourself if you want.

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5 thoughts on “Brad Sucks Remixed”

  1. Tilted Edge says:

    Great concept!

  2. And what makes it even better is that the songs are as good as anything put out by the big record companies and better than 90% of the garbage they charge £12.99 for.

  3. glemak says:

    brad said he was boing-boing – more like egc’d 😉

  4. Brad Sucks music kicks ass and he’s totally cool. I heard him on EGC of course!

  5. PJ Cabrera says:

    Duly noted. I’ll give him another chance. Maybe the source could be of use for background track on a podcast or CVS camcorder pr0n or something. 🙂

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