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I have finally published a second videoblog, this one not about the gizmos. It is some simple footage of lizards in my backyard. The music behind it rocks, and although it is CC licensed as No Derivative Works, I asked for and obtained permission to use it. It is by Monk Turner from his album In a Barn.

I’ll take my camcorder with me on my business trip to Raleigh and hopefully get some footage of me crashing parties at the Duke podcasting symposium in the evenings. I have other techy stuff I have shot, like my podcasting setup but I wanted to publish something that wasn’t a behind the scenes machine video before I did another one of those.

If you want to subscribe to my videoblog feed either with FireANT or any of the podcatchers that handle video like iPodderX or whatever, the videoblog RSS feed is here.

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One thought on “New Videoblog”

  1. Boorrring! I see lizards roaming outside my house all the time too. :-p

    Seriously though, that was a great music theme. Good job chasing the lizard. 🙂

    You know how it seems odd to some folks that people enjoy listening to “common people talking” aka your clambake? Maybe the following will sound weird to you. But one thing I’ll like to see from a video blog, is “commom folks’ every day life around their town or city”, aka video of them going about life outside, walking to the store or post office, etc.

    You know those pictures of SC rural life you put up on Flickr every now and then? Like those shots of the beach or of the docks, or shots of you going for a walk with Gracie? Could you make a video or two of that? You walking around Conway on your way to some errand? Maybe you can mount the camera to the front of your bike or something.

    That would be more interesting to me than skittering lizards.

    PS – Make a Gracie helmet cam and take her for a walk! 🙂 You could call it “Dog with a View”.

    PPS – Just kidding about the dog helmet cam. 😀

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