Junior Varsity Radio

Here’s another article about podcasting as a farm team for radio. I’m really weary of reading these things framed in terms of winners and losers, being “on top.” I continue to reject the notion that that’s even important to the medium. Do your thing, listen to what you like and it will all work out.

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One thought on “Junior Varsity Radio”

  1. I recorded the stream of the Duke podcasting symposium. I agree with Tony Kahn when he said, and I paraphrase, “it’s not about keeping score it’s about keeping the game going.”

    A year ago, I thought podcaster-as-radio-farm-team was a Good Thing. If anything, today, I think radio-as-podcast-farm-team is more realistic and more interesting. A year from now, podcasting and radio in the same sentence will be like horses and ducks in the same sentence.

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