EGC Clambake for September 30, 2005

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for September 30, 2005.

I talk about my brief encounter with the Duke Podcasting Symposium and seeing new media friends; I play a new song from Jonathan Coulton; I mention watching Viviendo con Fallas and ceasing to watch the Blind Date TV show; I talk about the Podcast Network and being interviewed for G’Day World by Cameron Reilly; I play a song by the Gentle Readers; I welcome my nephew to the world; I thank everyone for buying shirts during the month with the Red Cross charity deal.

This episode is sponsored in part by the fine folks at iPod Observer! Don’t forget, you can fly your EGC flag by buying the stuff package.

This show as a whole is Creative Commons licensed Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0.

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4 thoughts on “EGC Clambake for September 30, 2005”

  1. You announced the date in your podcast today as Sunday September 30th…ummmmm…it’s Friday the 30th 😉

    Just keeping u honest

  2. Viviendo con Fallas-now that’s what I’m talking about. Good rec. here. Very cute couple with good sense of humour. Now if only you had access to In and Out Burger to coerce the printer’s dog:). I take it the nephew you mentioned is your brother James’ baby? Congrats-if that kid is only half as good looking as his sister he’s going to be quite handsome.

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