Red Cross Tally

OK, it is midnight at the turn of the month, so the final tally for the fund drive are in. For the month, 19 stuff packages were sold to 16 or 17 people (some folks bought two). My portion of the donation from this is $475, which with the match goes to $950 to the Red Cross hurricane relief fund. Thanks to everyone that bought a package. This was actually more than I was expecting, so I’m quite pleased with this. Y’all rock!

Update: As noted in the comments, some folks have not received their stuff. I had a run on certain size and color combinations, so I had to go back to press on the shirts. All the orders for which I had the shirts have shipped, so if you haven’t gotten it then I ran out of your shirt. I hope to be able to get them back from the printer early next week and get all of them in the mail in the next few days.

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