Converge South, Day 1+

I’m here in the auditorium of Converge South. I had access in the hotel room at the Biltmore but didn’t really have any time to blog. Last night definitely counts as Too Much Fun.

I ran late, forgot keys and screwed things up and generally made a mess of my exit from the house yesterday. I got to the office in RTP about an hour after I wanted to, and it took an hour longer than I thought it would, so by the time I got to campus, parked and found the building it was pushing 1 PM. One of the first people I saw was Ed Cone, with whom I chatted and who pointed me in the right direction. I had lunch and met Dan Conover and Janet Edens , attended the ethics panel with Jay Rosen and then headed to the hotel. After a little downtime and email checking, we headed out to the evening barbecue at David Hoggard’s, which was a complete hoot. It rained like hell and I got soaked, but it was great. Standing in the kitchen talking about wikipedia and new media with a circle of folks including Jimmy Wales was one of those moments that seems too surreal to be real.

After the party, back to the hotel and then to clubs. I ended up just going to Flat Iron and just staying there, seeing Miles Apart, Bruce Piephoff and the Murray Street Band. Good music all around. I stayed to the bitter end, about one hour and two drinks more than I should have. I got back to the hotel at mumble mumble AM, back up at 7 AM and now here I am. Looking forward to the day.

PS – who was it in the hotel that was attached to my iTunes? Sorry I had to reboot. What were you listening to?

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5 thoughts on “Converge South, Day 1+”

  1. I also attended Converge South. However, I am just creating a blog for the first time. I am a student at North Carolina A&T. I learned a lot from you indirectly through listening in the different sessions.

  2. Flash from the past…

    My mind went a-reeling when I saw Bruce Piephoff’s name in this post. I lived in Greensboro circa 1980, and was in love with a dear heart named Lucy, with whom I lived on S. Tate. Bruce was performing even back then, and at one point he and Lucy seemed to be exchanging sparks…which made me none too happy.
    And yet, for the first time in my life, I felt a certain and strange elation.

    Greensboro had some other great events concur at that time. To wit, The Beijing Opera, Tashi performing Messaien’s “Quartet for the End of Time”, Springsteen at the Coliseum, Elvis Costello at some High School I think, and a clapping good performance of John Cage.

    Anyway…glad to see he is still following his muse…and hope he is given his due, considering how long he has paid his dues.

    Thanks for the memories! Sorry I missed the party.

    Dave Beckwith

    PS — I wonder if anyone knows what happened to Glenn Phillips, Bil Poole or F-Art Ensemble.

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  4. Lenita- That is a beautiful thing. Welcome aboard. I, for one, will check it out. And do me a favor: encourage your friends. The more the merrier at this party.

  5. Lenita, that is really great to hear. Usually I fear that I’m babbling when I talk at these things.

    I only wish you came up to me and said that in person. Next year I plan on coming back. If you haven’t graduated and are still there, come talk to me if you see me. I’ll sit with you at lunch or at coffee or whatever. Challenge your friends to talk to everyone. I was there to talk to you and your peers, and almost every A&T student I talked to I had to start the conversation. When you start a conversation with me, you are doing me a personal favor.

    You said on your blog it wasn’t student oriented – if you can, volunteer to be on the planning committee for next year and make it more student oriented and more what you want. I hope you didn’t think I was standoffish or elite or anything. I was there to interact and would have loved even more of it.

    I subscribed to your blog, and look forward to hearing what you have to say.

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