Stab at the Term

Ken Nelson took a good cut at a term for this DIY thing – “cynonomics.” That was derived from “economics” and “cynicism is a positive value” from the Zappa quote I played. It’s probably not catchy enough for what it needs to be, but I like this thought process.

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4 thoughts on “Stab at the Term”

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  2. The term got polysyllabic awfully fast, which took off a lot of luster. And any shortening efforts that I could devise resulted in Yahoo or Google hits, for some totally unrelated company or concept; this didn’t seem to be desirable.

    But, the term is presently right up there with “Time Wasting Ass Clown”, and “Grumpy Dickhead” in Google/Yahoo searches. Still, I gotta admit “It ain’t got a thing, if it ain’t got that zing.”

    Maybe the term is really a phrase of some type?


  3. I keep coming back to “lonomics” – as in a contraction of the “lo” prefix (lo-fi et al) and economics. It’s not really checking out of the system, but it’s
    deciding to step off the forced-march of consumerism/debt/consumption/dependance
    that coroporations find so profitable to ram down our necks.

    I like the fact that your introduction of the lonomic video-blog technique
    sounds like it was a great catalyst at the conference.

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