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I got a chance to talk some with Kevin Howarth at the conference and I agree completely with what he says about Converge South. I enjoyed being in the city and felt like something special was happening. It’s not just that the people were great at the conference, they were great in the city. The A&T students that explained how the shuttle works to me were great, the city workers who told me about the renovation plans for Woolworth’s were great, the random people who talked to me on Elm Street between leaving Solaris and getting to the hotel were great. The guys who helped me back my car out of where I was blocked in were great, the guy who I kept giving spare change to was great. I felt not just comfortable but at home at every point from arriving in the city limits until I left.

Well, except for the asshole who was honking at me while I was trying to figure out which street turned into Highway 220 south. It’s a big street, just go around me, tiny hateful impatient man. That guy can kiss my ass, but everyone else was great.

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  1. Slusher, what can I say(as I sit hear laughing my ass off) you’ve got a way with words. Glad you had a great time, met some great people, and got a great burst. Look to benefit from that as interested 3rd party.

  2. Glad to meet you! You’re one of those rare individuals where I found myself scribbling faster in my notebook when you talked – it was the only way I could catch all of your insights. I look forward to exploring your podcasts and keeping up with your blog.

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