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I forgot to blog this, but I’m on the most recent episode of G’Day World. It was stand up of Cam to invite me on to, basically, criticize his network. He in turn criticized my efforts at speaking the titular phrase, but all in all it is fun. It was kind of an uncomfortable premise for a show (I asked him, are you booking me in the “Barnako chair”) but it came out alright I think. Interestingly at least one of their buddies found the conversation useful.

I’m not trying to put myself on a pedestal as if I’m somehow the moral compass for this medium, but I do think it is important to understand your own values and act according to them. I’ve been taking money through multiple channels with my show for almost a year, yet my show isn’t about bringing in that money, that’s just a thing that happens. In fact, I’ve never realized a cent of that back in my pockets, all of it has gone to expenses or equipment or to charity which is why I don’t consider my show incompatible with the noncommercial creative commons license. I don’t begrudge anyone the ability to make money off this, but I do think we should strive to make it in different ways and to keep the economic pressures away from the content of our shows as much as possible. I try to do that with a little judo, by making my sponsorship announcements actually part of the show. I won’t take one from someone that won’t, for example, allow me to make fun of them or swear in the spot.

All that said, I see that the TPN landed Motorola as a sponsor. Good on them, I hope that keeps them able to keep trying. I do think Cam is a little off the rails in a subsequent post where he says:

Until now, the advertisers supporting podcasting have been minor-league advertisers… software companies, hosting companies, perhaps a beverage company, etc. Motorola is a major-league player and hopefully their entrance into podcast advertising signals the beginning of the big guys taking an interest in reaching out to the podcast-listening audience. Hardcore nutters that you are. 🙂

Personally, I find a lot of the value of what I do in the fact that I can keep this show afloat without “major league” advertisers. It’s hard to imagine one of them allowing me to do the ridiculous things I do in my announcements but which I think overall actually increases the affinity of my listeners for the sponsors. IE, by not being such tightasses they get a better karma bounce, that’s my operating theory. While I’m happy for the TPN boys getting money in, I don’t know if this is an unambiguous good. If the “major league” advertisers treat this medium as just another one to do their same old thing on, then at best the whole thing has been lateral move, a Vizardian “pointless exercise.” Is it a good thing that the “big guys are taking an interest?” Is the sense of community going to continue when you know that helping someone else get a show started might actually cost you money in the long run? Are the big guys going to put pressure on the shows themselves? Don’t stop thinking about these core values and how you can keep the influx of money from altering them.

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Dave Slusher is a blogger, podcaster, computer programmer, author, science fiction fan and father. Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame class of 2022.

9 thoughts on “Me on G’Day World”

  1. Dave, I’m glad you’re out there keeping us honest. We’re totally NOT about selling out or letting the ‘indy’ ethic die. I’m putting my balls (not to mention my life savings) on the line in the name of citizen media. The last thing I want to see happen is for citizen media to get consumed by the big guys. As Denton said recently, the point of indy is that it is INDEPENDANT!

    That said, we want our producers to get SOME compensation for their efforts, beyond goodwill and kudos. We think the more they make from it, the longer their spouse will keep off their ass about all the time they are spending on the PC. The more time they can devote to producing content. The longer before Mick and I need to go back to selling our dirty, white, flabby bodies for latte money in some dark, rat-infested alley.

    And you wouldn’t wish THAT upon the world, would you?

  2. Mick Stanic says:

    Hnag on Cam…whats this alley gig worth?? And can we record a podcast while we are doing the selling???

  3. I heard we get paid danger money if we bring Dave down into the Alley with us… apparently they pay extra for an evil genius… and you look like Bono… I’ve got a third nipple… we need a name… and a logo… and a poster… it’s all coming together…. maybe Motorola would like to sponsor it?

  4. Nicole Simon says:

    Looking forward to that show 😉

    Besides, I will find it interesting if _Motorola_ is clever enough to not handle this a ‘normal’ advertising deal, and from the press release it reads as if they want to engage with the community.

    I don’t have anything against earning money and I think there is a difference between selling out, getting paid and prostituting yourself. I am confident to see Mick and Cam do ‘the right thing’ – and I will be first in line if I don’t think they fulfill what they have promised.

    Which reminds me I have to mail … =)

  5. Mick Stanic says:

    Nice…would it be considered a sell out if we got Adam Curry invovled??? All those MTV fans from the 80’s might come down to the alley then and scare away the rats…

  6. what about you Frau Simon? Coming down the alley with us?

  7. hugh says:

    If you take Dave, make sure he brings the CVS camcorder.

  8. Way to go Dave-saying it the way you see it once again. Once again I totally respect you for not going the easy route, but making every attempt to stay true to your conscience and your take on reality. Your comments and podcasting/lifestyle ethic have aided me greatly in helping me get centered in my approach to podcasting and blogging, and realize I have a role in citizen media. In essence your like our “clambake scented ambassador of kwan.” No harm in “taking the piss” with the Aussies. They’re a hardy bunch and can roll with the punches along with the best of them. Haven’t heard any of Cam’s programs yet-just hope he and his crew can turn a buck and give quality to their listeners. I don’t think this is imposssible, but certainly has it’s challenges.

  9. Mike Seyfang says:

    Im the buddy who found the conversation useful – you have got me thinking…
    My thoughts begin in this post:

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