Garrick van Buren on the Gentle Readers

Garrick van Buren ordered a stuff package during the charity drive last month. Being the analytical guy he is, he posted his more or less song by song analysis of the Hi Honey album. I say over and over that this is really a fantastic album, and if the music business were driven by justice and merit that would have been a huge hit. A lot of these songs really hit me deeper than the intellectual, they go straight to my lizard brain. I feel a lot of melancholy and loss and happiness when I hear them, like they have a jack plugged straight into my emotions. Thanks to Garrick for writing this up.

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2 thoughts on “Garrick van Buren on the Gentle Readers”

  1. Tilted Edge says:

    There mere idea of music being a “hit” is a totally industry driven concept. As more artists self publish, there will be less “hits” and more music. It’s a great time for consumers but artists better keep their day jobs. On the other hand, I assume the reason most artists create music is not for money anyway. Artists who complain about not making enough money don’t get much sympathy from me as nobody is forcing them into that vocation. They just don’t want to get real jobs.

  2. Andrew Fulks says:

    Hey man like your show got you off CC Chapman’s List of Podcast he listens to and Love your show. Have one of my Own and I feel the L list blogger lol I’m more like z list. would love if you would check it out.

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