EGC Clambake for October 21, 2005

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for October 21, 2005.

I play a clip from the Barack Obama podcast; I play a song by the Siderunners; the Marjane Satrapi video interview is up; I used Virtual Dub and Deshaker to clean up the video; I lay out my term for the DIY lifestyle; I play another Siderunners song; WREK has a new show I love called “Longboards and Longhorns”;

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15 thoughts on “EGC Clambake for October 21, 2005”

  1. Ken Nelson says:


    Thanks, almost a three Siderunners episode! Out of curiosity, what would the third song have been? I made a trip to this week myself, in search of the elusive next album, and on not finding it, proceeded to the sites of some bands they’ve appeared with, and came back with an album called “Forever Always Ends”, by Rex Hobart & The Misery Boys. Wry lyrics, and country enough for a bumpkin like me; plus Rex,, are based in Kansas City.

    LiFT – is that right? First impressions:
    – getting freedom in there is a good thing.
    – the closeness to “Live Free or Die” is also a good thing, and stokes the fire really well.
    – monosyllabism rules.
    – it seems difficult to separate the term from its explanation.

    This is all first take; I’ll listen again, and take advantage of the 2-for-1 comment availability over the weekend.

    And again, thanks for the Siderunners.


  2. dave says:

    Ken, “Due South” was cued up, but it just felt like it was getting long at that point. One of the downsides of not going back to Chicago every month or three is no longer having opportunities to see them.

    I absolutely concede that needing the slogan to fully elucidate the term is a HUUUUGE drawback. On the other hand, if it catches fire it will become iconographic soon enough such that the explanation disappears and only the thing remains. The huge upside is that it is something you could actually apply to yourself. All the “-onomics” terms had that problem. Am I a “indienomicist”? I don’t feel like one. Am I a “Lifter?” Hell yeah.

    Remember back when going to Kansas City was a big deal? Our whole summer would revolve around the excitement of driving 8-9 hours to KC. Wow.

  3. James says:

    Whats so whoop-de-doo about Kansas City?

  4. dave says:

    Got to love an in-joke so in that only 4 living people understand it.

  5. Ken Nelson says:

    If you took I-70, it was a boring trip. The first thing I ask people who say “Kansas is flat and boring”, is “did you take I-70 across the state?” At least 90% of the time, the answer is yes. US36 across the northern tier is much better; it took me nearly 50 years to discover that.

    Now, to the important stuff, or at least stuff of (I hope) more general interest:

    A lot of the efforts at the term resulted in a “vita-meata-vega-min”-like approach, my own included.

    I’m beginning to warm up to LiFT, after reading your comment and listening again to that part of the show while I was supposed to be tidying up the downstairs. LiFT is succinct, except for the story part, and is imminently combinable with other words to extend the idea as needed.

    Suggestion for the first meetup/conference … “upLiFT”. A ways to go until that, but ya’ gotta plan ahead. Any karma/attaboys awarded under the system are called “Otises”. (Hint: go to

    Finally, whatever happens, I hope this doesn’t degenerate into a bunch of blowing-smoke-up-ass posts amongst a bunch of elitist snobs; such things go on today with such terms as “folksonomy”, “web 2.0”, “social web”, etc. Those jokers can all get stuffed, IMO. I’m perfectly happy LiFTing when and where I can.


    PS. First Otis goes to anyone who knows the source of “vita-meata-vega-min”. An extra Otis to anyone who saw the original broadcast episode. 🙂

    Dave, keep up the good work.

  6. johnk says:

    I like that other term in there: “uplift.”

    Someone else, somewhere else, called it “libre culture.”

    You might want to check out this article:

  7. Eddie Dickey says:

    I like the term, but I think you may not need the derivation. I’ve been told that the word ‘try’ implies failure. Which is not what you are saying at all – quite the opposite in fact. Lift is a great term and I think it can stand on its own:
    -Lift your self up
    -Lift others
    Get ready to lift…

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  9. Good show-once again you never cease to amaze me with solid musical choices that I dig and are new to me. This is no mean fit-I’m continually scouring net for my collection-so 3 cheers to the Siderunners.

    I think you’re “reaching” a little on acronym/buzzword. I totally agree with your concept, and understand your purpose. I think usually, great buzzwords/cultural icons happen by accident through the natural course of someone just using their own words to describe their thought on a given subject and it just builds into a tornado due to othe people blowing it up. Regardless, I appreciate where you are coming from and know your heart is in the right place, as it usually is.

    More power to you on finding tools to “fix” video footage on your cyberpunk cam.

    Have you been getting much response from student bloggers you met from Converge South? Perhaps you can occasionally post some feedback/content from them?

    Final comment-totally FYI-lift means to steal in British slang.

  10. Chris C. says:

    Direct link to WREK show:

    128 kbps stream

    Starts about 10 minutes in this week. So far so good!

    Nice to see a sign of life at WREK. Whatever you do, do not listen to this week’s Sunday Special (started at 8:30pm, insert Jon Kincaid Heavy Sigh ™ here), it will leave you running for the nearest suicide booth.

  11. dave says:


    I forgot to mention in my show that rockabilly is also in the show. It’s a brilliant hook, organize a show around the sound of the quitar twang.

    There was zero chance of me running across that. Other than your Eyedrum things, I haven’t listened to a Sunday Special in years.

  12. While I’m all in favour of the idea, the term “lift” just doesn’t work for me. As has already been mentioned, it is a commonly-used euphemisc for “steal” here in the UK and the term “Live free or die” doesn’t have a lot of meaning outside of the US, but the connotation is one of a militiaman with an assault rifle somewhere in the less hospitable parts of Dakota or Wyoming etc.

    I’ve heard some references here to “the remix culture” and “mashup culture” with an intention to cover more than just the remixing of music and/or video. That works for me.

  13. Chris Cooper says:

    Lifter is good, but I can see how negative connataions can be drawn from it. Lift – steal, also sounds like grifter.

    As someone in the clutches of “the man” and looking to make the same move you did, I really like your statement that it’s “empowered living”.

  14. Dane Summers says:

    I think ‘lift’ is an interesting idea; perhaps a derivation related to it might work well. But, to me, it reminds me too much of ‘shop-lift’…given that one of the reasons DRM is popular to prevent thieving, I’d think this would be a VERY bad term to associate with a positive anti-DRM movement.

  15. EcoJim says:

    Like the idea you are trying to get across with LiFT. Had many of the same reservations, except that I think a new term is needed that requires definition, otherwise it will always carry bad fitting clothes (baggage). It sounds a little like the analog version of Pay it Forward. Much more than three discrete and significant acts, this is about thousands of marginal contributions and benefits into and from a massive positive social (not socialist) flywheel. It maximizes the value of real time thinking and doing, not protecting and soaking people for something you created years ago. Not eliminating capitalism, just putting it back into its place. Any -ism can slip into an extreme and dangerous place.

    I also wanted to comment on your thoughts on human interaction. As a salary guy at a carpet company trying to eleminate our society’s war on the planet, I have been playing with Rageboy’s original ideas in the original web published Cluetrain Manifesto, what a decade ago. Never got through the hardcopy book. The spirit of the conversation died with the trees in the book. I think there is big power in exploding direct and authentic human to human connection. This whole Blog, podcasting, videoblog thing is getting as close to his original thoughts as I can see. That is if you invert his rants and see the positive direction behind it. I give a bunch of talks and have been ditching Powerpoint because its jee-whiz prettiness blocks direct connection with the folks I want to talk with. Powerpoint facilitates a lecture NOT connection.

    Been lurking via podcast for months. Love your irreverence and point of view. I’m a recovering Chem Eng that couldn’t hack my way out of an old turntable.

    Living Atlanta (not that it really matters) will check out the WREK link. Grew up south of KC. Why the hell do you think they build I-70 where it is? It’s a flat easy shot to get those tanks across the state. Remember Ike?


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