Game 3

You know, whenever there are two teams in the World Series that are not any of my rooting teams, I almost always habitually root for the NL team (with exceptions being made when the NL team is the Mets or the Cubs). For some reason, I’m captivated by this year’s White Sox and am pulling for them over the Astros. Unlike the damnable Cubs, I’m not hearing lots of stupid curse nonsense this year. Go Sox! It would be quite cool to have both the longsuffering Sox teams win in consecutive years.

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  1. Well the Sox knocked out Oswalt and its the bottom of the 8th with the Sox leading by 1 run. That IMHO is it for the ‘Stros. I always root for the NL teams (because I’m a Braves fan and well – that’s what you do..) The only exception for me being the Mets (Damn then for 1969..)

  2. I find it funny that here in Chicago, the majority of Cubs fans I know/see are rooting for the Astros. One would think that Chicagoans would root for their home town, but the North/South rivalry is more pronounced than ever! Which leads me to one conclusion: despite year after year filled with letdowns, Cubs fans are still sore losers.

  3. Honestly a lot of Sox fans are no better. I took my son to one of the Boston games at Comiskey US Cellular Field and had to cover his eyes with some of the shirts the Sox fans were wearing. “Cubs Fans Suck” with stick figures acting that sentiment out immediately comes to mind.

    I don’t think its funny that Cubs fans are rooting for the Astros. It’s to be expected. If the Cubs were in the series, it would be the same story on the South Side.

    The Cubs-Sox rivalries is one of if not the greatest rivalry in Baseball. Sometimes it’s a bit nasty but it’s one of the defining charactaristics of this city.

    I still think it would have been great to see a Sox/Cardinals Series just to see how the Cubs fans would react. I think the majority would just have taken vacations for that week and not be seen around town.

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