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I’ve recently started listening to the Slam Idol podcast on a whim. I’m not the most rabid fan of the form, but found it interesting enough. The big score was the most recent show, this interview with Stephen Fry. I did not previously know, and was highly delighted to find out, that the honorable Mr. Fry is a complete dork! He knew how to work his voice iChat, was talking about Java code at one point and generally impressed me that he knows his way around a Macintosh. Friends, Stephen Fry in fact is a fan of podcasting and listens to them. I was completely amazed. Jeeves might be listening to you on his iPod. The world consistently remains stranger than fiction.

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  1. When you talk of “quality” it seems you mean gloss. The quality is in the content not the presentation. Podcasting can be good or crap much like NPR and commercial broadcasting.

    I love podcasting and NPR. Public Radio International has a program “This American Life” which is often so compelling I wonder why every English speaking person in the world isn’t listening to it. I like “Go Digital” on the BBC and there is ABC (The Australian Broadcasting System).

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