About this time last year a whole lot of naysayers were saying that podcasting was a fad that would be gone in a year. I tried to get some of them to make a bet on that, and no one ever did. I wish they had, I’d be sending out thugs to collect right now and laughing as I put their money in my pocket.

Here’s some signs that the movement continues to grow. One is that a show I’ve never heard of won podcast of the year at the Portable Media Expo awards. The methodology for selecting it was being “chosen by an anonymous committee of podcasters, journalists and opinion leaders” which is shaky to me and you’ll never convince me that there is any value in giving such an award. Still, the idea that the field is now so big that you can be immersed in it and still not know about things other people think is the best one is telling.

Another sign is that just published was what I believe is the first book on podcasting written completely by someone who doesn’t actually podcast. Considering how easy it is to do, I wonder why this guy doesn’t. If he does, why isn’t that in any of his bios?

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One thought on “Boomtime”

  1. Andrew Herron says:

    Towards the end of this month marks a year since I listened to my first podcast, it’s been absolutely amazing to watch the growth of a new medium and listen to all of the kickass developments along the way (that are still happening).

    Podcasting has totally changed my lifestyle. I never listen to the radio anymore and now prefer music from independent artists – because as podcasts such as yours have shown me there is NO difference in the quality of the songs and the recording industry is so unfair to artists 🙂

    So yeah. I too could see potential in podcasting a year ago – it actually makes ME feel special that I am able to experience this as it fills that potential, such opportunities don’t come around very often.

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