Ghost Walk

In a little bit, we are heading out for the Conway “Ghost Walk.” Verrrrry scarrrrrry! It’s weird happening 5 days after Halloween rather than 2 before, but that’s how they played it this year. We wanted to go last year but didn’t realize it was such a big deal here that tickets sell out weeks in advance. I love living in this town!

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4 thoughts on “Ghost Walk”

  1. Sandy Allen says:

    Inquiring about tickets for the ghost walk. New to area and was told this is a must.

  2. Sandy Allen says:

    Ghost walk tickets??

  3. dave says:

    I don’t know exactly which number on here is the right one, but try the visitor center numbers on this page.

  4. dave says:

    I saw a sign while I was driving to work today. The 248-1700 is the number to call.

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