$40 a day

We’re watching this show with Rachel Ray, “$40 a Day” on the Food Network. I’ve heard about this show and seen her recently on Letterman but never actually seen it before today. We watched the one about Charleston since we’re close and will be visiting there sooner or later. Now we are watching the one about Atlanta to see places that we are familiar with. I can tell you this, she is so incredibly annoying that I think two episodes are the most I’ll ever be able to take. This is one of those cases where everyone seems to love her, but the charms are lost on me.

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5 thoughts on “$40 a day”

  1. I love the food network, but can not stand Rachel Ray. I actually don’t know anyone that enjoys her show, but I suppose she must have a fan base out there.

  2. I’ve tried to watch her show, my wife (who’s definitely our kinder 1/2) has watched the show. Someone bought us her “Meals in 30 Minutes” book when we had our daughter.

    She’s annoying, her meals take more than 30 minutes to make. I don’t see the charms, either. Actually, the one show I saw was awesome. She had on this little boy, maybe about 8-9 years old, and the expression on her face as she asked him rhetoricals like “wasn’t that fun?” and “isn’t this great?” cleared displayed his lack of agreement. That little boy’s face was a mirror of the thoughts in my head.

  3. Rachel Ray drives my wife up the wall. Something about that nasal voice, that faux-conspirational manner, the hand gestures. I don’t know, but she sort of irritates me, as well.

    We don’t really “get” Emeril, either, for that matter. I mean, the man makes sex noises when he pours the slightest amount of alcohol into a dish he’s preparing.

    We used to enjoy the Naked Chef, and we like Iron Chef (old and new). And Tony Bourdain was one cool customer.

  4. I love $40 A Day. I’ve never seen a show like hers and I would so follow her advice on getting tips from the locals. I’m going to Orlando for Xmas and I will definitely ask around for places to eat….she’s got a funky personality and I happen to catch her show almost every single time it comes on here.

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