Notes from Travel

1 – A sure sign of when you are cutting it too close in getting to the airport is when you walk up to checkin and they say “You must be David”.

2 – If you are going to get a Starbucks and then make a cell phone call, get the hell away from the setup bar with the sweet and low before you start. I mean you, lady in the raincoat in O’Hare.

3 – I don’t have to rent the headphones to know the The Island is a shitty movie. Having several episodes of Rocketboom, Command N and Viviendo con Fallas queued up is much better.

4 – I wish the frigging airplane seats didn’t recline. Even if it is more comfortable that way (debatable) you have to be a sociopath to get that comfort at the expense of sticking your seat right in the face of the person behind you, stealing what tiny little bit of personal space one is afforded.

5 – I predicted that carrying on a tacklebox full of wires and gizmos would get me the special search at the security checkpoint. Lo and behold, it did.

6 – I have been procrastinating on writing up my notes for the talk, even though I probably gone through at least 45 minutes of it in bits and pieces over the last month. Last night as I lay down in bed, I almost had a panic attack about it. Before I arrived at O’Hare, I knew I’d be fine and before I got to LAX I had to start thinking about what parts to cut if I run too long. I’ll probably run through an approximation of it in the hotel room to get the timings.

7. I don’t know why, but I have started to wear sports jackets when I fly. I know I’m still the same dumbass I am when I dress in shorts, sandals and a flannel shirt but it just makes me feel more grownup. Plus, inside pockets for storing boarding passes are very nice.

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8 thoughts on “Notes from Travel”

  1. About 16 years ago I caused quite a stir at the X-ray with an RF power line filter and a rather bulky cable in my carryon. After they checked the bag and I explained what the items were, they took me around back of the machine and showed me how sinister that stuff looked.

    Speaking of sinister, I take no responsibility if you choose to use my picture in your slideshow.

    Don’t worry about your presentation. Just imagine the audience wearing your underwear. On their heads.

  2. Great link, Paul. Sign me up on the seat recline as well. Being reasonably tall, I carefully scope out anyone taking the seat in front of me. If they even look like a recliner, I will wegde one or both knees on the tray table in front of me. If they try to recline, they think the seat’s stuck, so they try a little harder; I merely dig the old knees in harder. Usually, after two or three tries, they give up.

  3. Oh, in my previous comment, “wedge” = wedge. And, one time, the person in the seat in front actually requested, and got, a seat exchange because of the dysfunctional reclining mechanism. Gotta love that 🙂


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