Figgle Gits

I’m in Washington Dulles Airport (IAD), an airport in a tight race with Dallas (DFW) for my least favorite in the US airline system. I just watched episode 8 (London Fogcutter) of Tiki Bar TV and was reduced into complete hysterics. It took me about 5 minutes to stop laughing, which really seemed to bother this snooty yuppie turd over my shoulder. I think I’ll watch another episode just to bug this guy as part of America’s War on Humorless Tightasses (TM).

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3 thoughts on “Figgle Gits”

  1. LOL, so now I am not only King of the TWACs, I’m shooting for Commander in Chief of AWHT. I can even hit two birds with one stone, doing TWAC stuff by carrying on my AWHT duties. Ho-ah! 😀

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