More Notes from Travel

8. On the trip in, I saw a headline that read “Sex Blankets TV” and did a double take. It was actually about a study showing the amount of prime time sexual content going up, but when I first read it I interpreted as things they still need in the Gulf Coast. My double take was my internal copyeditor saying “Hey, that list needs commas.”

9. Getting up at 4 AM to make your 6 AM flight is bad. When you wake up on your own before the wake up call, that’s worse.

10. If watching the shittiness of The Island out of the corner of my eye once wasn’t enough, it was the movie on the way back as well. There are two Ewan MacGregors! Which one do we shoot? Yawn, shoot them both and throw his agent in too for signing him up for this load of bollocks.

11. There is only paid Cingular wifi in Denver’s airport, and not a damn thing at our gate in Dulles. Myrtle Beach International has free wifi at the gates. Score that one for the home team! In your face, you crappy ass other airports!

12. The guys from Paramagnus – Mack and Dickson – are really cool. I rode with them to Denver, and then our exit gates were next to each other with outbound flights at exactly the same time so we sat and chatted until boarding. It was fun. I’m sorry their podcasting robot was busted in transit on the way there so they lugged it around for nothing. Dickson is perhaps the soundest sleeper I’ve ever seen on an airplane.

13. After writing my post about Tiki Bar TV, I had a conversation with a guy named Jerry who is a bomb disposal expert, coming to Myrtle Beach to dispose of hazardous chemicals. Nerds tend to cluster around the outlets and he was the other guy on the one I was plugged into. We chatted, I gave him my card and showed him that same episode of Tiki Bar TV. He laughed, if not quite as hard as I did, but in all the same places. In your face, tight ass yuppie dude! He told me that Guy Fawkes is the mascot of bomb disposal (I would have thought him the mascot of bomb placement, but it’s their choice.) Would you believe I’ve had that logo for most of a year and it took him to point out to me the resonance of Guy Fawkes? I never had that in mind, I was always thinking of a silent movie villain. The first stab I took at it involved a top hatted, mustachio twirling baddiy staring through the V, which was also his beard. I’ve looked at the logo 10,000 times and as soon as he pointed it out to me, a guy with that hat and cape holding a bomb with a lit fuse, I said “You are correct sir, that is Guy Fawkes all the way.” I’m a dumbass.

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2 thoughts on “More Notes from Travel”

  1. Juan says:

    They should have FREE INTERNET wireless in every airport of the world. It;s a pitty that some companies or airports want to charge for that. Hopefully with time they will think in more “practical terms” and let if roam free verywhere (in the airporst I mean).

  2. Dickson Wong says:

    Glad to have met you too! Travelling sure makes one a heavy sleeper 🙂

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