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According to Michael Geoghegan, the CNBC piece from PME will be today on “Closing Bell” between 4 and 5 PM EST. I’ll be taping it and can get the audio off of it, but have no way to do the video. Can anyone in the nerdosphere capture that?

Update: To clarify, I’m wondering if anyone can capture this and snip it down to an MPEG or MOV of just the PME segment. I should be watching it for myself

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6 thoughts on “CNBC Update”

  1. Adam says:

    IF i had the tape I could.


  2. Matt Yoder says:

    Well, I told my Snapstream at home to get it… If you don’t get a closer/easier source, just drop me an e-mail. I’ll be skimming through it, cutting out commercials, etc. For that matter, I can trim it to just the PME section.

  3. Matt Yoder says:

    Well, no dice. Didn’t see a darn thing about the PME on either hour of “Closing Bell” that was recorded here…. Maybe tomorrow? Heh.

  4. Ken Nelson says:

    Watching the 7-8 PM EST CNBC programming. No PME yet, but the upcoming story is titled “Sony Baloney…”

    Must see TV, and play no Sony CDs.

  5. I got an email saying now it will run tomorrow, Wed. This is the way it went with our piece on CNN, we got bumped 4 or 5 times before it finally played.

  6. Ken Nelson says:

    Cool. Arming the Tivo.

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