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So the piece aired yesterday, I saw part of it and then my recording cut off right as Robbie Trencheny showed up since it went past the 5:00:00 cutoff from my PVR. It was OK. They showed a screen capture of my blog and then one short on camera quote from me in the part I saw. I don’t know if I was in the last part. Did anyone out there manage to get this captured and digitized? I hear the the post-clip chat amongst the CNBC anchors was interesting but I didn’t get any of that.

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  1. D’oh. Even the clip I e-mailed you about doesn’t have any post-clip chat. I didn’t notice any, I guess, when I was trimming it this morning, and, unfortunately, I deleted the source file, for space, after I was done cutting.

  2. The show aired in the 4-5PM time slot, and slopped over a few seconds into the 5-6 PM timeframe. The interview with Robbie Trencheny finished up there. The only closing comment was the podcasting poll results, which follow:

    Is podcasting a:
    passing fad – 54%
    important new biz tool – 46%

    Goodbye, that’s all she wrote.

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