Time Flies

Man, it seems like yesterday was the day I got off the plane from the Portable Media Expo. Time is flying so fast I can barely notice it go by. The day job remains busy, the various stuff I do all evening and weekend stays busy. Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is almost upon us already. It’s also hard to believe that despite all the stuff I have in the can and ready to go, I’ve only done one show since coming back from the Expo. Must fix that over the holiday weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Time Flies”

  1. Yeah, I concur with Daniel. And to think the other day you had the nerve to tell us you were napping! How rude! 🙂

    Heh heh! I can’t speak for Daniel’s sincerity, but I’m just having fun ribbing you.

    Still, do get something over the fence to us rabid waiting listeners. It’s lonely on my commute without EGC! And I do want to see how the camcorder stuff is coming along now that you’ve had some experience with it.

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