Return of the Attack of the Inbox

This last six weeks have been a whirlwind, with the day job and PME and Converge South, et al. I had an email inbox relapse, flirting with the 300 message mark again. I’m going to try to take advantage of the long weekend by hammering that back down. When you have so few things in the inbox that you don’t need to scroll to see them all, it’s just a nice feeling.

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2 thoughts on “Return of the Attack of the Inbox”

  1. If you are using Outlook (can’t remember if you are a Mac or PC guy) there is a cool app that I have been using called ClearContext [] that help classify and prioritise email base on who you communicate with and how often and how important they are to you. After using this is have diverted my Gmail to my local mail service as well to keep it all managageable.
    Caveat: I don’t have 300 emails backed up over a weekend so the proof is in the trial I guess.
    I heard about it on a podcast.

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