Me and Tura Satana

A while ago I posted my comment to the Reel Reviews Radio show notes about Faster Pussycat Kill Kill in which I tell the silly story of my meeting with the women from that movie. In an odd thing to happen on Thanksgiving, Tura Satana herself left a response saying that she remembers that day. Crazy, daddyo! I’d be surprised if my friend Suzie remembered it. Luckily, I only had nice things to say about Tura , who was the nice one who was very sweet that day. It was the other two that seemed like they hated me.

This is an object lesson in handling our modern information age. Assume anything you say, even about the Russ Meyer girls in a comment thread, will be read by anyone that you reference. This post-Google/Technorati/Feedster world is highly Kibo-esque.

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  1. hugh says:

    Now we shall see if Kibo responds.

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