MP3 Weirdness

The most recent show, the one I published yesterday, has something odd about it. Several people have said they can’t copy it to their iPod and I’ve confirmed this myself. I didn’t deliberately do anything different and I can’t see any particular reason why this should be this way. Can anyone figure this out? Any Apple engineers reading this that feel like taking a crack at it? Why should any standard MP3 resist being copied to an iPod? It’s the man, trying to keep me down!

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6 thoughts on “MP3 Weirdness”

  1. I don’t know how, but you’ve managed to encode it as MP2 instead of MP3 🙂

    In the itunes file info, on the right it says “Format: MPEG-1, Layer 2” (should be Layer 3 like your other episodes). I don’t know of any portable players that support MP2 😉

  2. That was it Andrew.. Folks with iTunes/Ipods can convert the file to ACC format under the Advanced Menu – that will load to the ipod. Dave, I converted the file from Layer-2 to Layer-3 (it loads onto the ipod as well) let me know if you need the file..

  3. It just happens that AAC is the default for iTunes’s import function. But iTunes can convert content to MP3 as well.

  4. It’s not an itunes specific problem. It doesn’t play on my iriver either.
    xmms, however, seems to be able to grok it without a problem.
    Let us know if you recode and repost/update, I’ll kill my bt client and restart with the improved file.

    Damnit – I was going to listen to this while I walked the dog this morning 🙂

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