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James Patrick Kelly is a great SF writer who I have interviewed for both Voices in Your Head (for which I really need to do some new shows) and Reality Break. He’s been posting MP3s of his readings of his fiction for a long time and now he has a podcast feed for it. Rock on. He emailed me a portion of a column that he wrote for Asimov’s SF magazine (which won’t appear for 6 months). In it, he cited me as someone who urged him to podcast when he could have been the first writer doing it, and on which he passed. I think it’s hilarious that this will be the context in which I first appear in Asimov’s.

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  1. Dude-sci fi geek epiphany.Congrats.Way back when I was a high school student in NYC I had a part-time job as a messenger and had to deliver a package to Mr.Asimov.

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