Goodbye Closet Deadhead

I just started listening to Closet Deadhead after meeting Sam Whitmore at PME. Now because of some sort of anality from the Dead organization which led to the fracas, Sam is shutting down the podcast. Goddamnit! I have to say that I have never been huge into the Dead but now I’m beginning to lose a lot of respect for the current caretakers of their legacy. What Would Jerry Do? I hate to think it would be this.

40 years of freely allowing people to trade their music which led to them becoming the most lucrative band in history and they pick now to tighten their asses? Give me a break.

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2 thoughts on “Goodbye Closet Deadhead”

  1. Tilted Edge says:

    Recently a 23 year old girl told me “I just heard there is a singer named Jerry Garcia, it sounds like Cherry Garcia hahaha”.

    For some reason most of the older computer geeks are into the dead. Why are high tech people listening to low tech music? I have a real problem with bands that are popular because they are famous. I’m not saying they suck, although that’s my personal opinion, but I’m saying there are many more bands as good or better than the dead that have faired far worse. I must say I still have a soft spot for the Beatles and there is a recently released never before heard interview with John Lennon on BBC 4 recorded shortly after the group broke up. I don’t agree with his contention that he is a genius. Paul certainly would be more savvy and not say such a thing about himself although I’m sure he thinks so. people will surely not be listening to Beatles or the Dead 300 years from now. If you think so, you are delusional. A lot of people will disagree. They are wrong. Ray Kurzweil while on a book tour recently announced that because of advancements in medical technology, he expects to live forever. He is a very intelligent man. some say a genius. He is wrong on this matter. He will be lucky to live to be 100. I only hope that at some point along the way he retracts his statements so as not to give others false hopes.

  2. Eddie Dickey says:

    Its ironic that google is serving up ads hawking Grateful Dead music and miscellany on this page given the context of the post. But that’s the state of the art of adwords. Not that this post is about google, but they sure look silly as hell here..

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