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I have a name for a site for a Web 2.0 style service. I have no idea what it would do, but do you need to know? It is:

Finl Vowl Droppr

Update: The joke didn’t stay a joke very long, as Dan Tripp registered the domain name. Pete Prodoehl pointed it out to me, perhaps he was thinking about registering it too.

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12 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Site Name”

  1. Ken, you’ll need a barn burner. I think my wife is going to win. I put in several entries but I think hers is better than any of mine.

  2. Dave:

    If no one from EGC or its extended family wins this thing, someone should host an “also-rans” comment thread, where EGCers can submit their entries, for admiration by all.

    And if someone from the group wins, good on ’em.


  3. OK, how does one handle a word like “a” or “i”, which consist of a single vowel? Do we need a placeholder?

    Is it “Tody s nw dy”? or “Tody s _ nw dy”?

    For purposes of this exercise, is the letter “y” always, never, or sometines considered a vowel?

    W gott gt ths rght 🙂


  4. OK, here goes:
    Now, the graphichs people can design the pastel-colored, round-buttoned site, and the web developers can incorporate a front end for this, and we’re ready for the Season of Perpetual Betaness:

    # droppr – Backend processing for finlvowldroppr
    # Pass the argument on the command line, quoted
    # Released for the good of all mankind, and our own sanity, 2005
    # Ken – http://www.quietvoice.org
    echo “${1}” | \
    sed -e ‘s/[AEIOUaeiou]\([^AEIOUaeiou]*$\)/\1/’ \
    -e ‘s/[AEIOUaeiou]\([^AEIOUaeiou]*\)\([ ,;.?!@#$%&*-+=]*\)/\1\2/g’

  5. Forgot to mention, I’ve gotta log into WikiPedia now and claim credit for inventing “vowl droppng”.

    PS: Feel free to edit the entry.

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