iPod Underwear

I think that iPod underwear is getting dangerously close to that mythical situation I talk about, having “clickwheels tattooed on your ass.”

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4 thoughts on “iPod Underwear”

  1. But Mark has and I want an iRiver. I need boxers with an iRiver pocket. Then the ladies can ask: (you know this is comming…) “Is that an iRiver in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?” I could relate an incident involving an [url=http://www.akg.com/products/powerslave,mynodeid,130,id,266,pid,266,_language,EN.html]AKG D770 in a front pocket (my hands were full of Shure 635’s) that drew some interesting comments…

  2. Ah, no BBcode. I refuse to throw away the utility of this medium because a few scum abuse it. If the cost of making connections is that everytime I post an email address on my blog, I automatically get pfishes for eBay, Paypal and Chase, I will pay it. One idiot even sends them to spam@illudium.com. Send away, fools! That address is a honeypot for Blue Security! (http://bluesecurity.com) Tomorrow *my* bot will pay your website a visit! I suppose if the spammers posessed any useful abilities, they could find a someone to pay them to do what they’d like to do anyway; as geeks, actors, and musicians do. btw, I realize it’s a ‘bot that’s sending me the pfishes. The bot-writer is clearly cluationally challenged. I’m sure it tries to send mail to joeREMOVE@example.com as well, to include using the invalid example.com.

  3. Those Play iPod underwaear are actually quite comfortable. I’m a bit of an iTunes whore, so I had to get them for the free iTunes music. I’ve worn them a few times and it’s quite convenient to have your iPod close buy out of people’s view.

    Try ’em, you may like ’em.

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