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Hey, I missed it at the time but this here blog was the Pluck RSS feed of the day for umm, like 2 months ago. I find that pretty cool, as I was a user of Pluck back in the days when I used to have a working Palm device. It also makes me a little bummed too as I realize that it has been weeks since I have made what I consider a substantial post. That’s the way the cookie crumbles when you get busy.

Update: As Mark points out in the comment, I am confused. What I used on the Palm was in fact Plucker. Oops.

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3 thoughts on “Pluck Feed of the Day”

  1. Mark Quering says:

    Hey Dave;

    I think you meant: when you were referring to software for your Palm device.


  2. Ken Nelson says:

    You should have run the name through the finl vowl droppr twice; or alternatively, its sister site:

    drp ll vwls 🙂

    The “c” would remain after that, but I can’t abbreviate “drop all c’s” into anything meaningful.


  3. Ken Nelson says:

    And today, leads to an unexpected, though familiar, destination.


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