EGC Frappr Map

I probably should have done this a while ago, before the fad ran its course and everyone wearied of it, but I have created a Frappr map for EGC readers/listeners. Show me where you are, show me that you care. I’m really curious what the geographic distribution is. Plus, you got to dig those Web 2.0 companies that are missng finl vowls!

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2 thoughts on “EGC Frappr Map”

  1. was off boarding in vt and thought i was late to this game – boy was i – see that you have +50 frappr pins already…

    happy holidays dave – or whatever’s appropriate to wish an athiest 🙂

  2. Frappr is not only missing final vowels, it’s missing five letters between the “Fr” and the “appr”.

    It also sounds like what a frappé maker should be called, instead of just “blender”.

    I’m gonna post my EGC flag-flying pic, and my current location. But that may change westward and northward in the next few months.

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