Siderunners in the Twin Cities

For those readers in the Minneapolis/St. Paul region, the Siderunners will be in your town tomorrow night, Friday December 30. If you like what you hear on this show, go check them out and tell them I sent you. Here are some details.

The Siderunners
Mark Stary & The Whiskey Roses
Burning Bridges

Lee’s Liquor Lounge
101 Glenwood
Minneapolis, Minnesota

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4 thoughts on “Siderunners in the Twin Cities”

  1. Looks like I’ll be going +3, so we’ll report back.

    Hopefully they won’t be last on the bill, I’ll be taking my brother who is just over from the UK, don’t want him nodding off before their set.

    Thanks for the heads up. It is much appreciated.

  2. Sorry – we bailed @ 11:10, 3 songs into the second band’s set.
    Combination of jet lag and a 6-hour drive to Chicago the next
    day are to blame.

    What we heard was well good, though. Especially the Jayhawks-esque 2nd band.

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