End of Excerpts

It is done. I no longer follow any more RSS feeds that excerpt their content. The minimum ante to the game of my attention is having the full text in there. Life is too short and my time is too precious for otherwise. For years I’ve […]

PS – for those of you who have contacted me, this is a joke. Do not adjust your subscriptions.

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9 thoughts on “End of Excerpts”

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  2. But why on earth should feeds have a description?

    If you got a description, then most readers will display the description instead of the article. You then have to select the article again …

    This is not what I want. If I select an article in my RSS-reader I want to see the whole bloody article on the first mouseclick. Not an excerpt, not a description.
    Show me the whole article and I myself will decide when to stop reading. Descriptions and excerpts only have a place for long articles (say 1000+) lines and for special cases (like a podcast).

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