Back in Town

After a few days at HQ in Research Triangle, I’m back at home. It was worthwhile and a lot of stuff got done, but I think I’m becoming a hermit. I’m happy to spend my days in my home office and occasionally head downtown for a latte. The small town digital life suits me. I find that even though driving to Raleigh is much less wear and tear than flying to Chicago was, either way I don’t sleep right. Although I was tired and I gave it a shot, I slept like crap the whole time and woke up not terribly refreshed. Here’s hoping my own bed does the trick tonight.

Tomorrow it is supposed to be record highs for this area, 74 degrees projected. I have some errands to do downtown, and I think I’ll take the bicycle for a spin. That way I get a little exercise, take advantage of the mild weather and get my stuff done. Everyone is a winner.

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One thought on “Back in Town”

  1. PJ Cabrera says:

    74 degrees in January. Man, I’m roasting here at 86 degrees. I wish I was in Greensboro (lived there for 4 years), where at least it gets “fallish” during winter. A little drop in the temp ain’t a bad thing.

    Enjoy the time out in the sun!

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