EGC Clambake for January 12, 2006

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for January 12, 2006.

I talk about missing Podcastercon and being in the RTP area; I play a song by Ted Leo and the Pharmacists; I play a clip from the Gillmor Gang and talk about DRM and why it shouldn’t be used, not from the moral perspective but the pragmatic; I play a song from The John Doe Thing; I talk about boring and/or annoying ads; I play a song by Michelle Malone; I talk about why I’m dropping the Gillmor Gang from my subscription list and on that cheery note I head out.

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This episode is sponsored in part by GoDaddy. To sponsor the show, contact BackBeat Media.

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9 thoughts on “EGC Clambake for January 12, 2006”

  1. Enjoyed your program. Keep the faith Dave. If you know how any way to crank up the compression settings on Audacity let me know. If not, see you on the flip side.


  2. One of the better Clambakes recently-don’t know if it’s partly because of more music content, or the quality level of musical content(damn, everytime I hear Michelle Malone I get more hooked), but good sow in any case. You were particularly accurate on target selection and kill ratio.

  3. mike says:

    Thanks for getting Steve Gilmores attention, the audio quality has always irked me on his podcast.
    BTW…this form displays very badly on my pocket pc, the text entry box appears near the top of the screen.
    Great podcast, been a suscriber for about 3 months faithfully.

  4. Lennart says:

    About “fucking boring” ads. I think you are sitting in a glass house. Your brain-dead way of presenting your sponsors is boring and occasionally I have come close to unsubscribing.

  5. dave says:

    Steve, Thanks for being straight up. I appreciate you, and am not trying to be a hard ass. I think you need more than compression, because compression narrows the gaps in level but only so far. When the levels between voices are 10 or 15 dB different, running compression just can’t do it all. I think you (or some podshow lackey) needs to go through and do a section by section amplification of the really quiet parts. That’s what I did for the IT Conversations shows that I did the audio production for. If the levels are closer to begin with, the compressions will have more to work with.

    BB, thanks. I need to write up the DRM thing to get into the googlosphere on it.

    Mike, thanks for the words. I don’t know what to tell you about the pocket pc thing because I’d have no way of testing it. Thanks for listening.

    Lennart, you must have missed the part where I acknowledge that very fact. If you are bored, you should move on because life is short and your time is precious. I’d never ask anyone to sacrifice their time on my nonsense if it isn’t doing it for you. I try to do it every time and make it jokey. Is it more boring than the Earthlink or Motorola spots to you?

  6. Ken Nelson says:

    Regarding “The Gillmor Gang”, you’ve been a lot more patient than I’ve been. The best thing about the poor production value of the show is that it drowns out the pompous gasbags who are trying only to drown each other out anyhow. If I want a podcast with throat clearing, harumpphing, etc, I’ll listen to Morning Coffee Notes. On second thought, no I won’t.

    Regarding sponsorships, does anyone in the universe really think that Ipod Observer would have come up with “we’ve got click wheels tattooed on our asses” on their own? I think not.

    Rock on, Dave!

    PS: Love that camelia. Gorgeous.

  7. VCGriffin says:

    I felt so good after this show I bought a Michelle Malone CD, and A campervan beethoven CD.
    Podcasts have taught me much, but mostly what music rocks!

  8. Rob Usdin says:

    Regarding the Earthlink ads – which are running in most of the Podshow podcasts.

    Joe Jaffe – on his latest Across the Sound podcast – talks about how the ads are pointless, not because they are boring, but because they are simple ads aimed at people who maybe don’t know that much about the internet. The ads talk about “an internet free from viruses and spammers” – ooooh let Earthlink protect you.

    But it’s likely that someone listening to a podcast is probably – if not on the bleeding edge of tech, is at least pretty familiar with it. Especially a DSC listener or a Gillmore Gang listener. Does Earthlink really think they are getting any business from these ads?

    At least GoDaddy is hitting their target audience with a podcast sponsorship.


  9. dave says:

    Rob, I don’t think the ideas of the ads being pointless and boring are unrelated. But yeah, the ad is completely content free. It’s a vague hosannah at best, lifestyle marketing rather than telling us anything specific about why we should care. But you are right, it’s targetted to the wrong audience. We are mostly or completely broadband customers. Is Earthink in that business now? I don’t know, you can’t tell from the ad. What are they trying to sell us? If they have a product of relevance to this audience, they are doing a piss poor job of communicating that fact.

    And yes, GoDaddy is a better fit for this audience. Every sponsor I’ve ever had has some kind of call to action and at least some statement about what their product is or does. To do less is to truly waste everyone’s time.

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